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Protein Blends

Where to Buy Protein Blends Online in India

India is seeing an exponential rise in sports and especially bodybuilding and thousands of aspirants are jumping in. welcomes all such enthusiasts and assisting in buying protein blends at affordable prices. Moreover, they also promise supplying best, genuine and authentic products at most reasonable delivery time. is a reputed group of bodybuilding professionals who have entered the online space just because there are too many spurious marketing companies looting honest people. It is the most reputed online health store in India. Bodybuilders often complain of thieves on the online stores and hence we decided to jump in.

Protein Blends

Whey protein is not the only variety in the market. There are other sources of protein including egg whites, soy, pea, nuts etc. Egg whites are also very popular source of protein which many people consume. Protein blends utilize protein from different sources for different reasons and for different people. Soy proteins are chosen by vegetarians.

Many blends also include Glutamine and Creatine to build muscles and speed up the recovery time. Many protein blends contain protein mixes which feed your muscles slowly throughout the day and this slow charge results in bulking muscles. is proud to be associated with many advanced manufacturers with superior protein blends lapped up by the budding bodybuilders.

Take a look at how different types of proteins are, their advantages and how they are supplied in a premix form in the market:

Whey Protein - it is one of the most popular forms of protein supplement, which gets absorbed quickly in the muscles and ideal for building muscles & immunity. It has all essential amino acids for fast muscle recovery. The other related protein types are whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolysate. It is not necessary that each protein blend contains all three types of whey protein. It can either be only one or two or all types mixed together.

Casein Protein - it is also a milk protein but digests slowly providing a steady stream of proteins for hours at a stretch. Have casein before sleeping, and it feeds your muscles and prevents your body from gobbling its own muscles for fuel called catabolism.

Soy Protein - it is often used by athletes. It inherently contains high amount of glutamic acid, and helps in replenishing the glutamine level in our body while ensuing fast recovery from fatigue and soreness. It is a rich source of BCAAs, helping in muscle growth.

Egg Protein – it is made from the egg whites. It contains all essential amino acids benefiting our body for carrying out daily tasks and maintains muscle mass too. Its ability to help you recover fast from fatigue, you can carry your intense trainings easily.

Why you should you buy protein blends online and not from local stores?

Local vendors are never interested in brand building. imports genuine supplements and keeps a strict vigil on their stocks. Our couriers ensure all our customers quick and timely delivery and generate good feedback. Our best supplements are always genuine, sourced from authentic suppliers and applauded by all customers.

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